Concentrate Rigs: Where to Buy?

dab rigsConcentrate rigs (also called dab rigs) are a specific kind of water pipe used for smoking hash oil. Concentrate rigs come with a dome and some kind of nail. Dabbing is two step process: 1. Heat the nail with a torch until very hot. 2. Press the concentrate on to the nail and inhale through the mouthpiece. These rigs can be hard to find but there are a couple spots to find them online, including this site:

What is Marijuana Concentrate?

Many people seek marijuana concentrate for different reasons, some want to enjoy the different flavors available with marijuana concentrates while others just want to try something new.

A marijuana concentrates deliver a much higher level of THC than normal marijuana and it doesn’t have to be smoked, making it healthier. A typical marijuana joint contains 15% THC, while concentrates have a range of 60-90% THC.

Marijuana concentrates may affect people differently; this can be attributed to the different interaction of marijuana with an individual’s body chemistry. It’s advisable to first try it in little amounts to see the effects it has on you.

Most people do not have enough knowledge of marijuana concentrate as most people refer to it as Hash. Hash is obtained by use of traditional methods but this is not the case in many store shelves today. Currently, marijuana concentrate is obtained by modern extraction methods in which a solvent is used or sometimes pressure is used to extract.

Different Types

hash oil

  1. Water Hash: The marijuana plant material is mixed with cold water and ice; it is then agitated to break off now-brittle trichome heads. The solution is then filtered to obtain a pure finished product of about 50% to 80% THC; however it takes a special combination of quality plant material, proper extraction technique and post-extraction handling to achieve this level of quality.
  2. Kief: Also known as dry sieve hash or dry sift, Kief is the simplest of the concentrates. It is composed of the trichome, broken away from the dried plant material, by filtering screens and a little elbow grease. Though Kief is mostly considered a low quality extract. Top flight extractors can produce extremely clean flavorful products with this same method. In the past Kief was available in Colorado dispensaries but in the recent past it has proven difficult to get it because of the prevalence of solvent extracts and low return that it provides to commercial growers.
  3. Butane Hash Oil (BHO): Extremely potent concentrate popularly consumed for dabbing and other vaporization methods (using dab rigs). Cannabinoids can be obtained through butane extraction, which leaves behind wax that will either maintain its sticky consistency or harden up. BHO is lab tested for purity hence safe to remedy for chronic pain and other intractable symptoms, and this has earned it popularity. BHO generally tests between 60% and 90% THC, making it the strongest concentrate on the mainstream market.
  4. Rosin: It’s extracted from either dried buds, trim, lower grade kief or water hash. The most admired thing about Rosin is that it can be made by just using standard hair straightener, parchment paper and some hand applied pressure. When smashed and heated quickly between the parchment sheets, it extrudes essential oils present in the plant, resulting in a golden shatter or oil like extract that looks similar to pressed high quality water hash. Due to it being new in the market its availability in the dispensaries is limited.
  5. CO2 Oil: A concentrate obtained from botanical extractors that uses pressure and carbon dioxide to separate plant material. The amber oil it produces can be vaporized using many ways and the most popular one being portable vaporizer pens. It is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents
  6. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): Also known as Phoenix Tears, can be obtained by soaking the cannabis in pure naphtha or isopropyl alcohol. This process draws the therapeutic compounds out of the plant, leaving behind a tar-like liquid after the solvent fully evaporates. RSO can be orally administered or applied directly to the skin.

Wrap Up

Because there is no combustion process when using concentrate rigs, dabbing is a less harsh smoking experience. When you’re using a dab rigs you’re only inhaling vapor, rather than the traditional smoke. If using a rig isn’t your thing, marijuana concentrate can easily be made into an edible.